Changes Coming to Aquatics Programming for Fall

Posted by Rochester Athletic Club on July 29, 2021

As the hot summer sun begins to set, we are looking forward to fall in aquatics with some exciting new changes for our swim lesson programming.

As with everything in the world, 2020 presented major challenges for aquatics programming. Thank you to all of you who kept your faith in us to deliver quality programming and embraced the changes we had to make. While challenging, it also presented opportunities for new ideas and delivery of aquatics instruction. Starting in September, we will be taking some of those delivery methods and ideas into our new updated programming.

What is changing?

  • Shorter 4-week sessions
  • Twenty-five-minute instructional time for all levels
  • Smaller class sizes for optimal instruction
  • Additional parent/child offerings based on child age
  • Additional class options with a smaller segmented curriculum
  • New class offerings for advanced swimmers looking for a more specialized focus

We are hopeful that these changes reduce class waitlists and offer a more positive upward progression between levels. There will be more class offerings and opportunities for busy families to continue aquatics programming. The reduced class time and smaller class size will limit downtime and increase instruction time for each child.

With our additional parent/child class offerings we hope to create a better class experience and the ability for parents to remain in the water with the older toddlers who aren’t quite ready to leave mom/dad yet for lessons. Our new advanced swimmer offerings will create opportunities for those that have completed the leveled numbers but still wish to continue swimming.

All of the parent/child and pre-school offerings have new updated names. We have rearranged the numbered levels and have added specialty classes for those looking to continue swimming. The new class list and descriptions will be available soon in the Schedule of Activities on the website. When planning, please read the class descriptions carefully to ensure that you enroll your child in the proper class.

If you have questions regarding class placement for your child please contact Whitney Benedetti at (507) 287-9314 or

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