Important Changes to Club Reservation System Starting Wednesday, March 3rd

Posted by Rochester Athletic Club on February 26, 2021

We continue to pivot while complying with Governor Walz's Executive Order and Stay Safe MN Regulations for Health Clubs and Gyms.  Starting Wednesday, March 3rd, we will be initiating a hybrid reservation system - a move toward normalcy. You may have noticed a capacity indicator tile on your RAC app which will provide instant information regarding the RAC's current capacity at any given time. There will also be a tab on the right side of any RAC web page that will allow you to slide the capacity indicator out to view.

Sensors have been installed that tally people as they enter and exit the gates at the club. After testing the accuracy of this system for a few weeks, we have been pleased with the results. The capacity indicator will allow for the elimination of reservations for some areas of the club. There are still club areas which will require specific reservations in order to comply with distancing requirements.

The hybrid capacity indicator/reservation system has been set up to control the total number of people in the club at any one time. The programmed number accounts for our staff and has a capacity allowance built in for members coming in for reserved areas. Members with a reservation can safely and validly enter even when the indicator may show the club is at capacity.


Fitness Floor, Neighborhood and Locker Rooms (use Active PT Entrance)

If you are using the fitness floor, the locker rooms, or the Neighborhood, you can check in to the club when there is available capacity on the capacity indicator. The 90-minute reservations for these areas will be eliminated, you will no longer see these options on the RAC App, meaning you can come to the club at a time that works best for your schedule.

  • If the club is at capacity, members will be required to wait in a queue. When the capacity indicator shows there is space available, queued members will be allowed to enter. We will monitor wait times closely.
  • You will be required to check into the club by scanning your Electronic ID.

Group Fitness, Lap Pool, Family Pool, Basketball, Racquet Sports and Classes/Activities (use Main Entrance)

These areas, Group Fitness, Lap Pool, Family Pool, Basketball and Racquet Sports will continue to require a reservation through the RAC app. Racquet sport court reservations and Classes/Activities can be made through the Member Login tile on the RAC App or by calling the Activities Desk at (507) 287-9300. When you have a reservation in any of these areas, you will be admitted even if the club is displaying full capacity. 

  • Access will not be granted more than 10-minutes in advance if the club is displaying full capacity.  
  • You will be required to show your reservation as well as check-in with your Electronic ID.

Kids Club (use Main Entrance)

Parents will be granted immediate access to the club if they have a child reservation in Kids Club.

Reminder, we have built in staff and reservations for needed areas into the capacity indicator.

Why change what is working?

This change benefits the majority of our members by providing freedom to use the club at their convenience, for the amount of time they would like to use the club. It allows families to access the Neighborhood with more ease. There may be times that the club will display full capacity and members will have to wait until the capacity indicator shows there is space available. Based on the data over the last few weeks, these wait times may include weekday early evenings, and Saturday mornings. If there is a wait time, we expect it will be reasonable.

We believe the ability for most members to access the club without a reservation will far exceed the disadvantage of the occasional wait times that may occur. If we have pivoted incorrectly, and the change has an overall negative impact on members, we can easily go back to the current reservation system. The process will be monitored closely, and we will listen to member feedback. 

If you are thinking about unfreezing your membership, please remember, masks must be worn at all times over your nose and mouth even while exercising (exceptions are the Lap Pool, Family Pool, and while showering). To unfreeze your membership, please email Janna in our Business Office.

Thank you for your continued support.  

Brent Frueh
General Manager

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