RAC Policy Per City Order on Face Coverings

Posted by Rochester Athletic Club on July 7, 2020


On July 6th, Rochester Mayor Kim Norton signed, and the City Council voted to support an amendment to the existing Emergency Declaration, requiring individuals to wear a face-covering while in any indoor public space in Rochester, MN. This goes into effect on Wednesday, July 8.

Specific to the Rochester Athletic Club the Order reads:
Gyms, Fitness Centers, and Sports Facilities participants, staff, and spectators are required to wear a face-covering at all times when the individual is within six feet of another person. For purposes of this Order, pools, trampoline parks, gymnastics facilities, hockey/skating arenas, and climbing walls are considered Sports Facilities.

The current RAC COVID-19 Preparedness Plan allows for social distancing with capacity limits that meet the six-foot requirement above. There are a couple of pinch points that seem to come up often and are the most concerning to members.

  1.  The check-in line to get into the club
  2. The free weight area

All of the social distancing spots on the waiting line floor are six feet apart from another. We have removed benches in the free weight area and have a few other ideas that we plan on implementing so that social distancing in this area is maximized.

Because we have several licenses with the city and the expectations are high, we feel it is important, and there is an opportunity to do more. Starting tomorrow, the RAC will implement the following policy:

Members must wear a face covering from when they enter the building (or are checking in outside) to their final reservation destination in the club. Face coverings can be removed once the member is at their reservation space but must be put on again when they move throughout the club and when exiting the club.

Here are a few examples to clarify our policy:

  • Outdoor Pool and Cabana: Masks must be worn from the line at check-in until you reach your chairs by the pool. It is preferred to wear a mask while you wait in line at the Cabana, but we will have 6-foot social distance markings.
  • Basketball: Masks must be worn from entry into the building, through the queueing line until you have reached your reserved basket.
  • Fitness Floor: Masks must be worn from entry into the building, through the queueing line until you have reached the Fitness Floor and anywhere you cannot maintain a six-foot distance.
  • Indoor Pools: Masks must be worn from entry into the building, through the queueing line until you have reached the lap or family pool.
  • Kids Club, the Neighborhood, and youth activities: Kids under the age of two are not required to wear a mask. Otherwise, per the city order, masks are required for kids two and older unless social distancing of 6-feet or more can be accommodated.

Per the Order, any individual who fails to comply with this Order will be asked to leave.

Our goal is to remain open, provide a safe environment for our staff and members, and follow the city of Rochester’s order. As is the case with most local businesses, COVID-19 has been very hard on the RAC. Your support is more important than ever before. We have received many emails from members when it comes to COVID-19 and masks. Some want us to do more, while others want us to do less. We know we may lose members because of this Order. For that, we are deeply saddened as it is never our goal to frustrate members but to do the right thing and provide a quality experience.

The bright spot to this policy is we feel that this puts us closer to opening the locker rooms as it was very difficult to see a path to the locker rooms opening without face coverings. We want to get more areas of the club open. This must be done responsibly, so we do not move backward in this certain time.

We cannot stay open without your cooperation. We cannot meet our members’ expectations without your cooperation. Thank you for your understanding and support.

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