RAC COVID-19 Per order by Governor Walz: The RAC is closed.  All memberships are on a temporary hold until we open.  If anything changes, this banner will be updated.

As a reminder, we are offering free access to our Fitness on Demand partner, Les Mills. Here is a link to 95 different virtual workouts with varied content. The platform is free for our members to use and will not collect any data from users.

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Thrive Is Open!

Come and check out the fresh, new Spring merchandise at Thrive! While the main club is still closed, we are happy to announce our retail shop Thrive...

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“Home Style” Tennis Drills

We are all in this together and with the USTA’s statement encouraging Americans to “take a collective pause from the sport we love” we should not be...

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Club Currently Closed

Per Governor Walz: The RAC's closure has been extended. We hope you are doing well and we miss seeing you at the club. Please review this important...

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Easing Soft Tissue Issues

There are many reasons why members join a fitness facility. Most wish to improve their mental and physical health. In the process of seeking that...

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Fun, Fitness, Fashion!

Your favorite athleisure styles are at Thrive!

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