Indoor Pool Area Closed for Renovation Starting Tuesday, September 4th

Posted on August 29, 2018


Temporary Inconvenience - Permanent Improvement.


Renovation FAQs:

How long will the Indoor Aquatics area be under construction and unavailable?

We have been told that the renovations will take up to 120 days. It depends on what the pool company finds when they remove the plaster from the pools. If they are in rough shape, the renovations will most likely take the full 120 days. If they are in good shape, it should take them less time. The plaster is removed to the concrete. Some of the rust stains that you can see in the pool are from the rebar coming through the concrete. That is the biggest unknown and concern.

Why did you choose the fall to start this project?

The reality is that the fall is the slowest time of the year for the club. The summer would not have been an option for us as membership increases during the summer and the club usage is very high. We also have a lot of kids in the summer taking swimming lessons and our camps utilize the Indoor Pools as well. Also, everyone inside the club, would have needed to access the Outdoor Pool from the Neighborhood if we closed the indoor area down. Fall was the best option for us to start this project.

What is all being done to the Indoor Pool area?

  • Remove plaster and re-plaster the Family Whirlpool and the Family and Lap Pools.
  • Demo and reconstruction of Aquatics Office and Outdoor Desk area.
  • New lighting.
  • New wall and column tile.
  • Painting (ceiling, walls, and metal frame around windows).
  • Floor tile to be cleaned and re-grouted.
  • New furniture.
  • Window tinting.
  • New doorway to outdoor area.

How will I get to the Outdoor Pool area while the Indoor Pool area is being renovated?

You may gain access to the outdoor pool area through the Neighborhood. The outside locker rooms will be open and a key for the lockers can be checked out at the Activities Desk if needed.

When will the Outdoor Pool be lifeguarded after Labor Day?

Since almost all of our lifeguards are in school, the pool will have lifeguards on duty only when school is not in session after Labor Day. During this extended season, we will not have any of the water features or slide turned on. Guarded times are:

Monday - Friday:  4:00 pm - Dusk

Saturday - Sunday:  9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Will there be Aqua Fitness classes after Labor Day?

We plan on offering the following Aqua Fitness classes after Labor Day until the end of September:

Mondays 5:35 pm - Aqua Interval (Instructor: Jeni G.)

Wednesdays 5:35 pm - Aqua Blast (Instructor: Heather S.)

Saturdays 8:30 am - Aqua Extreme (Instructor: Connie K.)

Our target air temperature is 66 degrees or higher to hold a class outside. If a class is cancelled, it will be updated in the RAC App approximately one hour in advance or earlier. The Front Desk will also be notified if class has been cancelled.   

The Group Fitness department has gathered a list of Group Fitness classes to consider as alternatives to Aqua Fitness classes during the renovation. Click here to view alternative class options.

Will there be group swimming lessons during the renovation?

Fall 1 and Fall 2 group swimming lessons will not be offered.

What if the Indoor Pool is the only area of the club I use?

We are more than happy to put your membership on a temporary freeze. Please contact Janna at (507) 287-9315 in our Business Office for more details or to answer any questions that you have.

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