New and Updated R*O*G*Y Junior Tennis Program

Posted on August 13, 2019

Beginning this Fall we will make some exciting changes to our R*O*G*Y Junior Tennis Program! We are simplifying our course offerings by dividing each ball color into two groups: Pre-Rally (beginner) and Rally (intermediate/advanced). The plan is to create groups within each level which take into consideration age, motor development, and tennis level. Kids can be moved between groups within a given class during the session, based on their progress.

We will also be offering a new class for each ball color called Drills & Games Galore. This class will be for players at the Rally level and will provide a weekly game-day, including drills, point play, and even match play.  You may sign up for Drills & Games Galore by itself, or if your child is already registered for a Rally level class, this additional class will be discounted by 25%.

Another change in our program is the length of each session. We are combining Fall 1 and 2 into one 15-week Fall Session for all of our hour-long classes. This allows us to progress farther through our curriculum, and since we now have the flexibility to move kids within the groups, we can adjust placement frequently based on progress. You also have the option to join our classes later in the session if your child is playing another sport in the Fall. This shortened session will be prorated.

Players who register for the full session will receive a RAC  R*O*G*Y Tennis T-shirt at no additional cost. Others can purchase the shirt for $12. During the second to last week of the session, each child’s progress will be evaluated individually. A special award will be given to each child at the end of the session.

New Levels:

RED BALL: (MiniRACquets and Red Ball Pre-Rally classes will run in a shorter Fall Session 1 and Session 2; all of the hour long classes, Rally and Drills & Games Galore, will run in one 15 week Fall Session)

  • Mini RACquets Parent /Child Class (ages 3-4)
  • Red Ball Pre-Rally 4s (age 4 or moved through Mini RACquets) – formerly Red Beginner
  • Red Ball Pre-Rally 5+ (ages 5-7) – formerly Red Beginner
  • Red Rally (ages 5-8 and moved through Red Ball Pre-Rally) – formerly Red Intermediate, Red Advanced, and Red Barons
  • Red Ball Drills & Games Galore (Red Rally Level) – 25% discount with concurrent Red Rally enrollment

ORANGE BALL: (All classes are offered in one 15 week session)

  • Orange Ball Pre-Rally (ages 7-10) – formerly Orange Beginner
  • Orange Rally (ages 7-10 or moved through Orange Pre-Rally) – formerly Orange Intermediate and Orange Advanced
  • Orange Ball Drills & Games Galore (Orange Rally Level) – 25% discount with concurrent Orange Rally enrollment

GREEN BALL/TEEN: (All classes are offered in one 15 week session)

  • Green Ball /Teen Pre-Rally (ages 11-17) – formerly Green / Teen Beginner
  • Green Ball /Teen Rally (ages 11-17 and moved through Green Ball/Teen Beginner) – formerly Green Ball/Teen Intermediate/Advanced
  • Green Ball Drills & Games Galore (Green Rally Level) – 25% discount with concurrent Green Ball/Teen Rally enrollment

Quick synopsis:

  • More flexible scheduling because the classes will be reorganized into two broad levels.
  • Longer session for our 60 minute classes to facilitate learning and retention.
  • Players may add into the session at any time (contact Sabine at for late additions).
  • Children can be moved between groups at a given time based on their progress.
  • New beginner class for our 4-year-olds, as they have specific learning and developmental needs.
  • T-shirts to those registering for the whole session!
  • Individual evaluation of each child on the second-to-last week.
  • New Drills & Games Galore Class is discounted 25% for those who are also registered for a Rally-level class. Players can also register for this class alone.
  • Awards at the end of the session!

We are really excited about the new structure of our program. Look also for some fun changes to the curriculum! Please feel free to contact me at or (507) 287-9308 with any questions about our program or about the appropriate level for your child.

Sabine Tetzloff  - RAC R*O*G*Y Tennis Coordinator

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