Pilot PiYo Classes Donate Shoes to Clinicians of the World Program

Posted on July 31, 2018

For the past six weeks, the RAC Group Fitness team has highlighted a low-impact fitness format called PiYo. The Friday 9:15 am and the Saturday 10:10 am classes have featured multiple instructors with the goal of visually demonstrating exercise modifications to both our new and veteran PiYo participants.

During this time, the PiYo instructor team also decided to promote a shoe collection for a worthy cause. One of the unique aspects of PiYo classes is that, like Pilates and yoga, bare feet are encouraged. The instructors capitalized on this idea and with the help of RAC member Kathy Tilbury shared the mission of the Clinicians of the World organization to their classes.

Clinicians of the World is dedicated to providing essential health resources to underserved communities who have little or no access to medical care and who are less likely to have contact with a health care provider. Their goal is to foster not only health, but self-reliance by enabling individuals to recognize symptoms, seek treatment and prevent further illness.

One of their programs targets deworming. A major component of their deworming program is to distribute shoes to help prevent reinfection. RAC members donated 6 large garbage bags of gently used footwear. The collection netted 52 pairs of shoes for Clinicians of the World to distribute.

Way to go RAC members!

If you would like to donate gently used footwear, donations will be accepted at the Activities Desk or the Group Fitness Directors office. You can learn more about Clinicians of the World by visiting their website.

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