Click here to learn about important changes to the reservation system that started Wednesday, March 3rd.

The RAC has re-opened under the current restrictions. Learn more on our Current Club Details webpage.

Here are the current restrictions on health clubs.

Main Basketball Gyms

Basketball-courts.jpgWhether shooting around for fun, or for competitive play in a pickup game, the basketball courts at the Club are a great place to burn off stress and enjoy being active. We feature three college-sized hardwood courts, cushioned underneath to put less stress on your joints.

Adult pick-up basketball times are offered throughout the week. (Currently there is no pick-up basketball due to Covid.)

Neighborhood Gym

Basketball-in-the-neighborhood.jpgThis is a great place for kids to play basketball or burn off energy in other active play. Baskets can be lowered to accommodate younger children. Adult pick-up soccer is also played in this area. For more information, look on the Other Sports webpage. (Currently there is no pick-up soccer due to Covid.)

Fun, Fitness, Fashion!

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Club Capacity

Our Current Capacity Is: