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Grab a Racquet; It’s Time to Play

If tennis is your game, the Rochester Athletic Club is the premiere place to play. Between reserving a court just for fun, enjoying some friendly league competition, or taking lessons with one of our on-staff tennis professionals, we have a place for all abilities and ages.

Named a USTA Facility of the Year, the Club features 11 temperature controlled indoor courts, six outdoor clay-surfaced courts, and two outdoor hard-surfaced courts. Outdoor court usage is included with your membership, while indoor court usage requires an extra fee.

Reserve courts through the Activities Desk at (507) 287-9300 or through your Empower M.E. Member Login. If you are not set up see our Create a Member Login webpage. You can also learn more about tennis programming and court reservation details in the Tennis section of the Schedule of Activities.

Get Started with a Complimentary Tennis Orientation

Members are encouraged to take advantage of a complimentary tennis orientation. During your one-on-one tennis orientation, you’ll spend time with a tennis professional who will assess your skill level and guide you to the appropriate programming options. After your orientation, enjoy discount coupons for tennis programming and classes!

Please contact Racquet Sports Director, Ben Maes at (507) 287-9323 to set up an orientation.

Private Tennis Lessons

The Rochester Athletic Club has a team of on-staff tennis professionals that work with members to refine their game. Working directly with one of our tennis pros not only makes learning more fun, but players reach goals and see improvements more quickly. Members may sign up for private lessons or share a session with other members.

Meet Our Pros

Please contact Racquet Sports Director, Ben Maes at (507) 287-9323 for more information.

Packages of Individual Private Tennis Lessons are available at a discount. More information can be found in the Tennis section of the Schedule of Activities.

Junior Tennis

R*O*G*Y Tennis

Tennis - Instructing ROGYThe tennis journey for kids starts here! The name R*O*G*Y Tennis highlights the development and transition of players from red to orange to green to ultimately the standard, yellow tennis balls. The type of balls and court size are adjusted to fit a child’s developmental level and allows them to enjoy more success along each step of their learning path.

Additionally, we offer many play days, camps, and special events throughout the year for even more tennis fun! Full details can be found in our Schedule of Activities.

For more information, contact Sabine Tetzloff at (507) 287-9308.

RAC Tennis Academy

Tennis - ACE / Top Gun

As young players improve, they become part of our RAC Tennis Academy program. This program is competitive training for junior players serious about improving their game. Our progressive levels are designed for players that are willing to practice and compete several times per week. Our program has produced many of the best tennis players in Rochester, the state of Minnesota, and the USTA Northern Section. Complete details and training information can be found in the Schedule of Activities.

For more information, contact Steve Tacl at (507) 287-9335 (ext. 312).

Adult Tennis

Adult group classes (beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels) are the training ground for most of our new adult players. We also offer a variety of drills, games, mixers, and special events to engage all levels of tennis players. These are a great opportunity to learn from our pros, improve your game, meet new friends, and enjoy playing tennis! Learn more about all of our tennis programming in the Schedule of Activities.

For more information, contact Ben Maes at (507) 287-9323.

Tennis Leagues

Tennis-Leagues.jpgIf you want some friendly competition, try joining one of our tennis leagues. We have several to choose from, depending on the time of year. The Rochester Athletic Club is proud to have teams represent our tennis program almost yearly at USTA Nationals. League information can be found in our Schedule of Activities.

Please contact Racquet Sports Director, Ben Maes at (507) 287-9323 for more information.

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