Introducing the EatLove Nutrition App

EatLove is an intelligent meal recommendation platform used by dietitians and physicians worldwide. State-of-the-art features include a personalized app, a meal database of over 7,500 dietitian-approved meals, over 150 restaurant menus providing smart meal options, comprehensive nutrition insight reports, grocery integration, delivery, AI label reader, and more! 

Here are some comments from the RAC Fitness Staff that have been using the platform:

"The EatLove app is way MORE than just a food tracking app!  It's advanced features help develop personalized meals plans based on your dietary preferences and needs."

Branda Anderson - RAC Dietitian and Personal Trainer

"The meal planning and grocery list aspect of EatLove saves me a ton of time during the week. There are so many unique recipes to choose from, and I love the ease of swapping out meals if needed. Plus, it makes grocery shopping so simple!" 

Kaitlin Thompson - RAC Dietitian and Personal Trainer

"EatLove gives you super helpful healthy recipe ideas catered to the amount of time that you have to prepare them!"

Josh Lewis - RAC Personal Training Lead

Click on this short video to learn more about how using EatLove can help you with your nutrition: 

Introductory Webinar:

RAC Dietitian Kaitlin Thompson recently joined with the lead dietitian from EatLove to host a live webinar. You can view the webinar by taking the following link: "Next-Level Nutrition: Empowering Your Fitness Journey with EatLove". The webinar starts by covering ideas to help you create a healthy 2024. At the 15 minute mark the webinar switches over to a description and demo of EatLove. 

If you have any questions related to EatLove, please email

EatLove FAQs

EatLove is accessed through the RAC app. If you are signed into the RAC app you will see EatLove as a tile option to choose on the homepage. Select the EatLove tile to get started. You do not need to set up separate EatLove sign in information.

If you have not been set up for the RAC app, you can learn how members can get started with the RAC app on our App Guide webpage.

To get started, click on the Nutrition tile in your RAC app. Complete the onboarding questions and receive automated meal recommendations instantly! Once onboarding is complete, you will access EatLove through the RAC app. 

No. EatLove is included in your RAC membership.

You will be able to select some food avoidances during onboarding. If you have more that are not listed, you will be able to update inside your profile.

Click the navigation on the top right of any page. Select “Meal Preferences" and then click on "Food Avoidances" from the drop-down menu. Type in any additional avoidances.

By selecting the food avoidances, we will filter recipes for you and only show what fits your preferences.

Click the triple-bar icon on the top right of any page. Select “Account Settings” then choose "Household" from the drop-down menu. You can add any adults, preteen, and kids in your family. In meal preferences, you can also select who of your family is eating at specific meals. This information will help autoscale the recipes and grocery list for you.

You may select one nutrition goal or condition with the self serve version of EatLove. To add multiple goals or conditions, please email to set up a time with our team of registered dietitians who will be able to customize your Nutrition Rx for your goals.

You can view your grocery list at any time by clicking on the grocery basket icon in the top corner of the dashboard. You can add individual meals to your grocery list or set a date range for your list. By clicking "Print", you can print it or save it as PDF. You can also send the grocery list to your email. We also support buying groceries online through Walmart and InstaCart.

Click on any meal tile. From the gold pop-out menu, select reschedule and follow the prompts on the screen to move your meal recommendations forward or backwards (depending on the date). You may shift one meal or your entire feed.

When you are no longer on a club membership EatLove access will be removed after your last active day as a member.

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