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Whether you are visiting the area and do not want to interrupt your workout routine, or are interested in joining a friend for a game of tennis, we welcome guests from near and far to use our facilities.

Basic Information

Guest passes are sold at the Front Desk. The Outdoor Desk does not sell guest passes. All adult guests will be required to sign a Release of Liability form and all guests will have their pictures taken (for security purposes) before using the Club. With each visit, all guests over the age of 16 must also present a photo ID. A day pass allows use of the Club until it closes that day.

Club rules and complete guest policies can be found within our Club Policies.

Guests from the Local Area

Local area guests are those who live within Olmsted and the neighboring counties, within approximately 60 miles of the Rochester Athletic Club. Local area guests must be accompanied by a member and may only use the facilities once every 30 days. On the rate charts below, only the Member Guest Rates for a Day Pass apply.

Guests from Outside the Local Area

Guests that live outside a 60-mile radius do not need to be accompanied by a member to use the Club facilities. Guest passes may be purchased as a single day pass or as an extended guest pass. Three months is the longest duration an extended guest pass may be purchased at one time.

Pre-Register Your Guests

Many of you bring family or other guests to the club. For security reasons we collect and enter personal information for all guests that use the club. This guest pass process can take some time at the desk. In an effort to make this process quicker, we are offering an opportunity to pre-register your guests ahead of time.

If your guest has been a guest of the RAC since September 2020 you should not need to pre-register your guest because they should already be in our club software and do not need to be registered again.

If you wish to pre-register, please pre-register your guest at least 48 hours in advance. Click here to pre-register a guest. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Amanda Leyawiin, Operations Director.

Guest Rates

Regular Guest Rates – for guests not accompanied by a member and who live outside of the local area.

Regular Guest Day Pass 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 1 Month
Individual $20.00 $58.00 $90.00 $115.00 $130.00
Couple $34.00 $95.00 $149.00 $190.00 $212.00
Family Based on Ages $125.00 $195.00 $250.00 $279.00
Under 2 No charge
Ages 2 - 6 $12.00        
Ages 7 - 17 $16.00        

Member Guest Rates – for guests accompanied by a member. The extended guest pass options on this chart are not available for local area guests.

Member Guest Day Pass 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 1 Month
Individual $15.00 $49.30 $76.50 $97.75 $110.50
Couple $25.00 $80.75 $126.65 $161.50 $180.20
Family Based on Ages $106.25 $165.75 $212.50 $237.15
Under 2 No charge
Ages 2 - 6 $10.00        
Ages 7 - 17 $15.00        

Family rates do not apply across more than one generation and include only Parents/Guardians and their children through age 22.

If you have questions, contact our Front Desk at (507) 282-6000.

Save Money and Enjoy the Convenience of Having a Guest Pass Package!

Members may purchase guest pass packages at a discounted rate by contacting the Front Desk.
• A pack of 5 guest passes is $63.75
• A pack of 10 guest passes is $120.00
• The passes are then stored on your account so you do not have to worry about bringing any certificates.
• These passes do not expire until you cancel your membership.

Guest FAQ

  • Full use of the facilities, same as a member.
  • Use of a locker and the locker room areas.
  • Group Fitness Schedule classes are included.
  • Guests can reserve courts the day before the reserved time. Indoor Tennis courts entail an additional fee. Reserve Tennis, Racquetball or Squash courts through the Activities Desk at (507) 287-9300.
  • Children age 12 and under must be supervised by someone 16 or older at all times.
  • A child must be 13 or older to:
    • Enter the club by themselves.
    • Use the Fitness Floor areas.
    • Use the track unless during Family Track time on Saturday and Sundays after 3:30 pm. They must be directly supervised by a parent during Family Track time.
  • Guest children ages 7-12 can be checked into the Neighborhood and the Pool similarly to how members can and following the same rules. See the related web pages for more details on when child check in is available and how it works.
  • Guest children ages 6 weeks - 6 months can be checked into Kids Club similarly to how members can with the exception that they are not allowed the Drop Off (leaving the club) option. See the related web page for more details on when child check in is available, what the cost is, and how it works.
  • Members that are signed up for RAC Perks can accumulate points toward RAC prizes. Individual, Couple and Family guest passes can be redeemed for points through this program.
  • Allow up to three business days to process once points are redeemed.

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