Empower M.E. - Your Member Login

Empower M.E. is the online component of our new club software. The "M.E." stands for "Member Experience" and this powerful new software provides the ability for you to do more than ever from the convenience of your computer or mobile device.

With Empower M.E. you can:Dashboard Screenshot

  • View and Edit your account information
  • See your account history or make a payment on your account
  • Book appointments or courts and see your upcoming appointments
  • Sign up for Classes or Courses/Events
  • Buy packages and view current package usage
  • Manage family members on your account
  • View your visits

Getting Started with Empower M.E.

New or returning members: You will be sent 2 emails to help set up your Member Login as you are assisted by our staff. 


If you are a current member and would like to set up your Member Login: Please contact the Empower M.E. Member Login Administrator. You will be sent 2 emails to help you set up your online account.


Once initially logged in using the information in the emails you will be asked to change your profile name and password. We highly recommend changing the profile name to something shorter and more memorable than the number provided. You will also be required to change the temporary password.

Access is through the RAC App or Website

You can access Empower M.E. from the “Member Login” tile in the upper right-hand corner of the RAC app. If you do not have the app, you can also select “Member Login” in the website navigation, at the top right corner of this web page, to log into your account.

Basics of using Empower M.E.Side Navigation Screenshot cropped shorter

Please note that past transactions and visits before the September 23, 2020 club software changeover will not be viewable. Please contact the club with any questions.

Dashboard – This is the information you see on the page displayed when you log in. It gives you quick access to some of your account information and tasks.

Side navigation - Select the "3 stacked lines" icon on the dashboard to see the side navigation. Open the dropdowns by "My Activities" and "My Account" to see the full options available. This is where you find options like viewing your visits and the calendar which allows you to add reservations to your personal calendar.

Click here to view step by step directions for some common Empower M.E. tasks.

Click here to view step by step directions for signing up for classes, courses, and events.



  • Packages of 1 are there primarily to show the regular cost of the service. You do not need to purchase a package of 1 before you sign up for a reservation or class. They will be billed at the time of use.
  • Packages cannot be combined with other discounts.
  • Packages are non-refundable.

Massage Reservations  

When you can reserve:
  • Online you can reserve up to two months in advance of the massage and until 24 hours before the start time.
  • At the desk you can reserve up to two months in advance right up until the massage start time.

Cancellation policy:

  • If you cancel less than 24 hours before the massage or do not show up for your reservation you will be charged the full price of the massage.

Note that you cannot cancel in Empower M.E. within 24 hours of massage start time. You must cancel through the calling the Activities Desk in that time frame. You may still be charged, even you call the desk, if the time block is not rescheduled for another person before the appointment time.

Other Staff Appointment Reservations

Personal Training, Personal Nutrition Coaching

When you can reserve:

  • Online you can reserve up to three days in advance of the appointment and until 24 hours before the start time. Note: the time in advance may be increased as we become more experienced with online reservation.
  • Through contacting the staff member you can sign up anytime they set up a time with you.

Cancellation policy:

  • If you cancel less than 24 hours before the appointment or do not show up for your appointment you will be charged the full price of the appointment.

Court Reservations

Note: To reserve all members for a court reservation the people you are adding to the reservation must have allowed for themselves to be searchable online. If you add some people on your reservation online you can still add more at the Activities Desk before the start time of your reservation. The fee will be split at the desk at the time the desk checks in the court.

When you can reserve:

  • You can reserve 8 days in advance online or at the desk.

Pickleball Notes:

You can only reserve for “A” courts online due to the limitations of the system in sharing courts between tennis and pickleball. If you wish to reserve an “A” court and a “B” court please contact the Activities Desk.

Tennis Notes:

You will see that Courts 4 and 5 are listed as 4A and 5A. This is because they are shared with pickleball. Reserving Tennis Court 4A or Court 5A will reserve the whole court for tennis.

Class Schedule and Courses/Events Schedule

Due to Covid-19 we have needed a very flexible sign up system and many class types have been using alternative methods to signup.
Initially sign up online will be limited but will expand over time as conditions warrant. Tennis classes and Fitness Floor classes are scheduled to be adding sign up in the near future.

There are two spots where classes may be found – Class Schedule and Courses/Events Schedule. They each search slightly differently.

  • Classes are more of a daily sign up type (currently Camp Einstein and November Tennis Drills) and search by the week or day.
  • Courses/Events are pretty much any other type of class or event (currently Kids Sports and Fitness and Swim Group Lessons) and you can search by the month in which they occur.

Please be careful to pay attention to the date range listed on each Course/Event as sometimes there may be several options found within one month. For example: Fall 1 session is ending and Fall 2 Session is beginning.

If for some reason you have not received or found your set up emails, please contact the Empower M.E. Member Login Administator for assistance. Please note that until your online account is active you can contact the club for assistance with club account, class enrollment, or service reservation questions.

Please note that you must have an email listed on your account in our system in order to be able to be set up for an Empower M.E. login. If you do not have an email listed on your club account please contact our Business Office and provide the email you wish to use.

Password Issues:

If you are not successful in providing your password correctly within 3 tries it will tell you that you are locked out of your account. Please note that you still have the option to reset your password by taking the "Forgot Password" option even if you are locked out.

If you are having any difficulty resetting your password contact Member Login help  and we will help you with the reset and gaining access to your account.

Username Issues:

If you are having difficulty resetting your username with the "Forgot Username" option it may be because it requires your first and last name to be exactly the same as entered on your membership. Especially Employees, Babysitters, Assistants, and Nannies sometimes have extra text descriptions added to their last name and may need assistance. However, anyone may need assistance if it is not exactly the same as entered on your membership.

If you are having difficulty, please contact Member Login help  and we will be able to help with the reset.

To start, we are only allowing Empower M.E. to be used by active members of the club. This may change over time as we gain more experience with the system.

Those without Empower M.E. access include:

  • Guests on day passes or extended guest passes. (Currently, only extended guest passes are allowed)
  • People who are not members and want to sign up for classes or events.

For these individuals please call the club at (507) 287-9300 for assistance with class or other sign-up requests.

Only active members are able to use Empower M.E. at this time. As you are reactivating your account we will help you set up your login.

Yes, if you change your current email you will need to have your existing Perkville account updated as well. This is so that your current RAC Perks points are transferred, and so that you can continue receiving future points.

To do this update for Perkville you will need to contact the Perkville Administrator. Include your name and updated email address in the email and let them know that you have updated your club computer system account email.

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