Treat yourself with RAC Perks!

RAC Perks is a loyalty program administered by that is designed to reward members for using the Rochester Athletic Club and its services. Club members earn points and then can use them toward their favorite services and offerings. Get started with RAC Perks and begin earning points today!

Getting Started with RAC Perks:

STEP 1: An email address must be set up with your club membership account. If you have joined in the last several years this was automatically done for you when you became a member. If you have not set up an email address in the past, or you are not sure which email address you set up, please contact our Business Office at (507) 287-9307.

STEP 2: Complete a point earning activity. After your email address is set up and you take part in a point earning activity (for example checking in to the club) you will be sent an email within a day that allows you to set up the sign in to Please contact the RAC Perks Administrator if you do not receive an email.

STEP 3: Open the email, select the “Claim Points” button, and set up your password for Your email address and this password will be what you use to sign in to in the future.

Redeeming Earned Points for Perks:

STEP 1: Go to and sign in. You will now be able to view your point balance.

STEP 2: Select “Perks” and then click “Redeem” on the perk you have earned.
NOTE: It may take 1-3 days for your perk request to be processed. Although you receive an initial automated email immediately, your perk will not be available at the club until you receive a second email from the “RAC Perks Team”.

STEP 3: Follow the instructions in the email from the "RAC Perks Team" to pick up your perk. Note that perks expire after 180 days (the only exception is the Kids Club Package which does not expire), and do not include gratuity on services (for example massage).

If you have any questions about RAC Perks please check the FAQ list below or please feel free to contact our RAC Perks Administrator for assistance.

Perks FAQs

If you cannot find the email or the links expired, you may also navigate to directly and use the same email address you have set up with your club membership account to join this program. To do this:

  1. Select “Sign in” in the upper right corner of the home page.
  2. Near the bottom of the next page select the “Join” button next to “Don’t have an account?”
  3. Provide your email on the next page. Remember to use the same email that you have set up with your club membership account.
  4. Select “Sign In” to continue and then complete the set up of a password for your account.

If you do not have an email set up on your club account yet, or you would like more assistance you can email the RAC Perks Team

Perks are redeemed by signing in to the website and selecting "Perks".

Once you redeem a perk you are sent an immediate email from Perkville. However, the RAC Perks Team must also process the perk before it is available to use at the club. This can take from 1-3 business days. Once your perk is ready you will receive another email from the RAC Perks Team that indicates your "RAC Perk is ready". 

Redeemed perks will automatically expire 6 months (180 days) after being redeemed. The only exception to this is the Kids Club Package, which does not expire.

RAC Perks points are not transferable. This includes not being transferable to other members on your membership.

Yes, redeemed perks may be given to and used by others. Please email the RAC Perks Team if you would like to transfer your perk to someone else.

Important note for giving perks to non-members: If a service would require a guest to have gained admittance to the club then they will need to follow normal guest rules. For example, if you wanted to transfer your perk for one hour of tennis court time to a person who is not a member, the court will be free but they must still gain admittance to the club via a guest pass.

Only active members can redeem perks.  If you are an active member you can redeem your perks up through the last day your membership is active.

If you are adding someone onto your membership, they will be set up with the same email as the main member unless otherwise requested by you.

If you are taking someone off the membership, they have the option to redeem their points before they come off. The points cannot be transferred to someone else on the membership. The points are lost once the downgrade option is completed.

Things to consider if you are not seeing your points as expected:

  • You must be signed in to to view your point balance and recent earning activities. If you are not signed in, the point balance and recent activities will not be shown.
  • To start earning points you must have an email address set up with your club membership account. Points do not start accumulating until then.
  • To earn points for purchases you must provide your member information at the time of purchase. You can do this by scanning in your electronic ID or by providing your name or member number at the time of purchase.
  • Points may take up to 24 hours to post to your Perkville account. This is because the Perkville system checks in with our system once per day.
  • If you have more than one person on your membership, you may set up separate Perkville accounts. This would allow points to accrue separately for that individual or group of individual members on your membership. To do this you would need to set up different email addresses in the club membership account email for the member(s) you are splitting off of the main Perkville account. Then complete the Perkville account sign in set up (Get started process above) for the new email account(s).
  • Only one check in per day receives a point for each Perkville account.

Please email our RAC Perks Team if you require more assistance.

Other details about earning points:

To learn basic details about individual Point Earning Activities go to and select “Earning”. You will then see the Earning Activities screen. Some information is shown when you click on “Details” button found next to some of the Earning Activites. Some information or function is made available when you click on the blue words like “Birthday”, ”Connect to Twitter”, “Tweet”. Please also note:

  • To get points for tweeting, you must do it from within the Earning Activities page on
  • Your birthday must be entered on before your birthday in order to automatically receive birthday points. On the Earning Page click on the blue word “Birthday” in order to set up your birthday in the Perkville system.
  • If you have 12 check ins for the month you will be given the 100 bonus points automatically.

And some final details about points:

  • Once posted to your Perkville account, points will not expire until your membership is terminated.
  • Points cannot be transferred to a different membership.
  • Points are not valid as cash.

If you are already have your Perkville account sign in set up, you can go to your settings and check or uncheck the boxes you want when it comes to email preferences. To do this:

  • Sign in to
  • At the top of the Perkville home page select “Settings”.
  • Under “Account” in the left hand column select “Profile”.
  • In the left hand column select “EMAIL”
  • Under Customer Notifications you can:
    • Specify if you want to receive real-time (daily) notifications emails
    • Specify if you want to receive a weekly point summary email
  • Select “Save”

    Remember, if you specify that you do not want regular point emails you can always view your point balance total and recent activity on the home page by signing in to

Contact the Business Office at (507) 287-9307 during their regular business hours to change your club email. If you change your club email you will need to set up a Perkville login for that new email as if you were a new member. Email our local RAC Perks Team to make sure your RAC Perks points earned under your old email address are transferred to be associated with the new email.

If you have not signed up for an account and are not interested, just go to the bottom of the email invitation and opt out of the program.

If you would ever want to cancel, it is a simple process. All you would have to do is email our local club RAC Perks Team and we would remove you from the program entirely.

The club pays a monthly fee to the company that administers this program (Perkville). Perkville does not sell or share email addresses with any third parties.

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