Living Mindfulness Series - Life Transitions and “Dropping Anchor”

Posted by Ivonne Begue on March 25, 2024

Life is in constant change. So how can we prepare for these changes? It is not easy to be open with life’s transitions; health issues, school to work, work to retirement, being single to getting married, a full house to empty nester, and many more. All these changes bring a set of emotions that may throw us out of balance.

Recently, I helped a family member go through a tough transition. This event brought with it many strong feelings and emotions. So much so that I found they were affecting my interactions and relationships with other family members.

I decided to prepare for these interactions by focusing on my purpose and not letting my feelings and emotions take over. I put my coaching knowledge into practice, and the result was constructive. It was not easy; it was challenging and rewarding at the same time. Complying with my values and goals helped me remain calm and centered.

The method I used is called “Dropping Anchor”. It is a science-based method that helps us to feel grounded while the storm of emotions rages. It allows us to be open to our strong emotions, to give them space, and to let them be, instead of running away from them. The last component of this method is compassion. Applying compassion has been proven to enhance well-being, and deepen the connection with one’s self and others. 

To experience the Dropping Anchor method please join me, Positive Psychology Coach Ivonne Begue de Benzo MS, along with Health and Wellness Coach Sarah Jerde on

Tuesday, April 16th
from 9-10 am in the Civic View Room

We will gather in a safe and supportive environment to share group wisdom.

Ivonne Begue

Ivonne Begue

Ivonne Begue has a Master of Science in Positive Psychology and practices Body-Centered Coaching at the Rochester Athletic Club, MN. She also teaches Hatha Yoga and Tai Chi Chih at the club. You can contact her with questions or to set up an appointment by emailing her at the link below.

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