The “Why” Behind the Guest Registration Process

Posted by Rochester Athletic Club on November 25, 2019

Have you ever brought a guest to the club for a workout and been annoyed with the process? We may make them wait in line, then ask them to present an ID, pose for a picture and we may even ask them to say their birth date. It can be quite a process, especially with multiple guests, and we know it. But why do we do this?

The staff at the RAC works hard to ensure we are providing a safe, fun, and family friendly exercise facility. In order to maintain this safe environment we need to ask our guests a few questions. While we don’t mean to say that your friends and family pose a threat to our members, we do need to make sure we know who is entering the club. That way, if anything does happen - for example an injury or health issue, a complaint, or a lost item, we then have all the necessary information to provide the help needed or to address a problem and fix it.

At the RAC, we try our best to make our members feel at home. We are grateful to have you as a part of our family, and when guests visit, we want to be able to welcome them to our family as well. We ask the same questions of each guest who enters the club. Even the kiddos - we want to know what they look like, who their family/guardians are, and what their ages are to best serve them, too.

Another way we work to respect you, as paying members, is to ensure that guests who want to use the club are paying an entrance fee. Unfortunately, we do have individuals who try to sneak into the club. We also have guests who may try to visit more than club guest policy allows. We use the information entered in the system to ensure that all guests are abiding by club usage rules, which in turn helps preserve the quality of our member’s experience.

We know we ask a lot of our guests, especially during their first visit; keep in mind that all of the information given is confidential and not used for sales purposes, surveys, or shared with anyone. In our database we store first and last names, gender, birthdate, phone numbers, and a current photo of all guests and members. The second time your guests come in, we have all that information entered. Overall, it’s a quite simple process, but for their first visit it can feel quite lengthy.

We appreciate your patience with us and encourage feedback in order to make club visits for both members and guests more enjoyable. Leave a comment, send an email, or talk to us in person and let us know how we can better serve you! Also, if you would like to learn more about our guest policies and prices here is a link to our Guests webpage.

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