What is Fitness On Demand?

Posted by Sarah Cima on February 22, 2018

Fitness on Demand (FOD) is a computer-based, high definition video system that offers a wide variety of popular workouts for our members to experience at their convenience. When it is difficult to attend live group fitness classes, or personal schedules prevent the opportunity to attend a preferred class, FOD virtual classes are available in the Lower Studio, Upper Studio and Cycle Studio.

The introduction of FOD came from a desire to offer additional classes at more times of the day to meet our members’ needs and requests. The system is available to members anytime during our club hours when classes are not scheduled with live instructors. The Group Fitness Director pre-schedules virtual classes, with more than 250 unique programs available. Varied classes include yoga, barbell and weight training, Pilates, kickboxing, HIIT-style, studio cycling, a variety of dance-based exercise formats and more.

There are three unique ways to view our Fitness on Demand virtual class schedule:

  • On the RAC website (racmn.com) under the heading “Group Fitness Schedule”, the virtual schedule is listed by studio. When specific classes are selected, a more detailed description of the class is given.
  • Using the “Fitness on Demand” app also provides RAC members with a schedule for the three studios on their smart phones. This free app can be found at the Android and iTunes app stores or stop by the Activities Desk for a brochure on how to download and navigate the app.
  • The wall-mounted iPads outside the Lower, Upper and Cycle Studios provide another option for viewing the class schedule. Each studio iPad lists the class schedule, both live and virtual, for that particular space.

If you have a preferred format, please feel free to submit a RAC "Let's Talk" card (available at the Front Desk) indicating your preferences. Please include:

  1. The format(s) in which you have interest.
  2. When you typically exercise at the RAC.
  3. Contact information so that the Group Fitness Director has the opportunity to inform you when your requests have been scheduled.

It is our hope that the new virtual class options provide you with more opportunities to be fit at the RAC!

Sarah Cima

Sarah Cima

After beginning her journey as a fitness instructor in 2008, Sarah has been the Group Fitness Director at the Rochester Athletic Club since 2013. She still teaches a variety of functional and strength training formats including PiYo, RIP!, barre and aqua fitness classes. The best part of her job is chatting with RAC members and helping them to discover the classes that match their fitness goals.

Contact Sarah Cima at (507) 287-9318.

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