Introduction to Health, Wellness and Life Coaching

Posted by Sarah Jerde on December 27, 2023

Truth or Myth? An individual can benefit from coaching only during a challenge, struggle or life change.

Myth. All individuals can benefit from coaching. For people going through a challenge, struggle or life change, coaching can help identify their own personal strengths to find their own solutions. People without a current life challenge, struggle or life change can benefit from coaching by gaining personal growth which will increase their resilience for future life challenges. 

Truth or Myth?  A coach will tell a person the solution to their problem or life challenge.

Myth. Health, Wellness and Life Coaches partner with individuals and respect that each individual is an expert on their own life. A coach uses thoughtful, gentle questions to help an individual identify their own solutions, while asking the individual permission before assisting with brainstorming or connecting the individual with education or resources. 

Truth or Myth?  Coaching can be a substitute for therapy.

Myth. Coaching is a strength based approach while therapy may include a cause-effect analysis and diagnosis. Many people may find coaching beneficial while also continuing with therapy. Many people who never or previously received therapy can benefit from coaching.

Truth of Myth?  Wellness only includes physical health.

Myth. Wellness includes our entire self, including our physical, emotional, spiritual, interpersonal and professional well-being. Health, Wellness and Life Coaching supports individuals in a holistic view on wellness.

Contact One of Our RAC Coaches:

Ivonne Begue de Benzo, MS explores clients’ strengths and values and helps clients align their actions to achieve a purposeful life and flourish. Her training includes a Master of Science Positive Psychology Life Coach. Contact Ivonne at

Chris Lewis, NBC-HWC leverages ancestral principles to help people gain energy, lose excess body fat and help them feel better than they imagined was possible. He is nationally certified as a Health and Wellness Coach. Contact Chris at

Sarah Jerde, NBC-HWC fosters an environment where clients can be their genuine self while creating a health vision and learning techniques for creating healthy habits to achieve lifelong wellness. She is nationally certified as a Health and Wellness Coach. Contact Sarah at

Jackie Stevermer, NBC-HWC, RYT 200, helps people use their insights, values, strengths and resources to achieve health and well-being goals and aspirations on their journey of best self. She is nationally certified as a Health and Wellness Coach. Contact Jackie at

Sarah Jerde

Sarah Jerde

Sarah Jerde completed the Mayo Clinic Health and Wellness Training program which prepared her to successfully pass the National Board Exam for Health and Wellness Coaches. She is kind, approachable and values genuine conversations about goals and values. Sarah stays busy with a variety of community activities. She and her husband, Mark, have two children and they all enjoy being outdoors as much as possible, in all of Minnesota’s seasons!

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