Countless Options for Any Routine

As you enter our Club, it’s hard not to notice the open, spacious feeling that greets you. This is a great place to be active! You can feel the energy. When it comes to cardiovascular and weight training options, we have the equipment for you.



  • More than 100 pieces of cardiovascular equipment
  • Large free weight areas
  • Multiple circuit training options
  • Stretching areas and equipment
  • Dozens of equipment options from plyometric jump boxes, to BOSUs, to kettlebells that allow for specialty workouts
  • New EGYM studio

Preva System

EID-Log-InMost of our Precor cardiovascular machines are networked with the Preva system. Preva is a personalized, goal-focused fitness and media experience.

The touch screen allows you to set goals, track your workouts, surf the web, watch TV, and make your workout more entertaining, informative, and enjoyable. The corresponding app allows you to track workouts outside the Club. Once your account is set up, you can sign in automatically with a wave of your Electronic ID (EID).

Assistance on the Fitness FloorCable-Crossover-Area

The Fitness Floor is always staffed with our fitness team ready to assist members. We love to answer questions and set members up for success. We understand that each person uses the club differently, and we want you to have a unique workout designed for your personality and circumstances. Please stop by the Fitness Desk and talk with us – we love to help!

Let us:

  • Connect you to the group fitness class that becomes your new favorite
  • Help you to learn to work out safely and effectively
  • Introduce you to new workout trends and information
  • Add variety to your workouts
  • Give tips for how you can achieve your goals faster
  • Show how you can benefit from the great variety our club has to offer
  • Lead you to the next step on your journey!

Fitness Floor Etiquette

Working out works so much better with consideration for those around you. Learn more about Fitness Floor Etiquette. If you have questions about specific club rules please view the Club Policies webpage, Fitness Staff or Fitness Director.Dumbbells

Fitness Floor Orientations

New members old enough to use the Fitness Floor (ages 13 and older) may take advantage of two Fitness Floor Orientation meetings with a personal trainer. These adjust to your fitness level, and for those who are new or returning to exercise include guidance on using cardiovascular equipment options and experience with how to safely perform exercises within a balanced strength program. 

Adult Cardio and EGYM Studio

EGYM WallReserved for those 18 and older, this area offers a quieter and more private area to work out. It also features our new EGYM circuit which offers smart, personalized workouts that deliver real results. It is next-level technology that helps to both simplify and improve your workout experience.

See videos describing how it works and learn more on the EGYM webpage.

Lower Free Weight AreaLower Free Weight Area

Across from the Adult Cardio and EGYM Studio is an additional strength training room open to ages 13 and up. Besides providing additional power racks, it features bumper plates, competition style benches and specialty bars.

Indoor Track

Indoor-Track.jpgThe weather is always perfect on our cushioned, nine-laps-to-a-mile, four lane indoor track. Walk side-by-side and talk with a friend on the inside lanes or run on the two outer lanes which are banked for higher speeds.

Most days of the week the track is reserved for use by those 13 years of age or older. However, during Family Track Time on Saturdays and Sundays from 3:30 PM - close, children are allowed to use the track under parent supervision. Parents must be exercising  beside their children during Family Track Time. For safety reasons, children should not be left alone on the track.

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Monday - Friday: 5:00 am - 10:30 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm

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