Welcome to EGYM at the RAC!

EGYM offers members a simple, effective, and personalized weight training experience. Imagine working out without having to remember your weight or seat settings. EGYM remembers you each session as you scan into the equipment with your RAC Electronic ID.

EGYM is included in your RAC Membership and can be used by any member 18 or older. To start using EGYM, you will need to schedule an onboarding session with a RAC Fitness team member. During your EGYM onboarding, your trainer will help setup the equipment for proper fit and form.


Watch this short video to hear from RAC members and to learn more about the EGYM equipment at the RAC:

There is so much more to the EGYM experience, and most people must try it to understand it. We have created the following video that will help you learn more about this incredible equipment. We look forward to having the opportunity to introduce you to EGYM!


Watch Our Full-Length EGYM Video:


No, please do not create an EGYM account before onboarding. The process is much easier if we create the account for you.
You may reserve a time in the RAC App by clicking the reservations tile and selecting EGYM in the first bubble or by calling the Activities Desk at (507) 287-9300.
Onboarding appointments are 60 minutes long.

EGYM is much more than just a strength machine. Each machine must be set for height, body structure, and exercise form. A Personal Trainer helps to set these adjustments and explain the EGYM environment.

You are welcome to do this, but please remember that users performing the circuit have the right away. You should always allow those performing the full circuit to work in if you are on a machine. If you have injuries or limitations, we can work around that and onboard you only to the appropriate equipment.

While every person is different, a good rule of thumb for full body workouts is 2-3 times per week.

The checkmarks moving left to right represent the six workouts in a phase. The checkmarks moving top to bottom represent the number of rounds of the circuit you are meant to perform that day.

The EGYM curve is created to help control repetition timing. This is an important part of making progress that is harder to control outside the EGYM environment.

EGYM is created to help you progress. Doing a new strength test every six workouts will always be in the optimal training range for your actual strength level.

Depending on which workout you choose, you don't necessarily need to change it. Because EGYM constantly adjusts to your current strength levels, you can continue to make progress within any single workout consistently.

Yes. Click the log workout button on the home page and utilize the app's built-in workout builder. You may also create specific training plans from the home page of the EGYM app as well. Your EGYM workouts will automatically be logged into the app.

Bio Age is determined by looking at your results regarding strength, cardio, metabolism, and flexibility. Strength numbers are populated by performing strength tests on the EGYM circuit machine. Cardio numbers populate from doing a self-guided cardio test on any of the PRECOR machines in the EGYM studio, as well as by manually entering your resting heart rate and blood pressure. Metabolism numbers are generated from your In-Body test, done at the beginning of your EGYM onboarding. Flexibility numbers are generated from performing a self-guided flexibility test at the EGYM hub.

If you lost your RAC Electronic ID, a new one can be synced to your account. This can be done without assistance at the Fitness Hub as long as you have already been onboarded. You need to know your email and password to sync the new EID. If you forgot your Electronic ID, you would need to find another way to work out that day. Loaner cards should never be synced as this can contaminate data as these cards are re-used.

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