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A Smarter Solution for Ice and Heat Therapy

While ice and heat therapy are staples in many training rooms around the world, neither are particularly enjoyable or practical in a fitness club. That’s why CryoLounge+ chairs offer an alternative to cold baths and gas cryotherapy with convenient, targeted cold and heat therapy. 





Personalizes Full-Body, Heated Massage

Utilized by physical therapists, chiropractors, and thousands of health clubs for more than 30 years, HydroMassage is the perfect solution for muscle soreness, Pre and post-workout recovery. Each massage lasts 10 minutes and is fully customizable to each member’s needs allowing users to personalize the massage speed, intensity, location, and temperature.





Multi-Sensory Experience to Relax, Reset, and Explore

The RelaxSpace’s 43” display offers an immersive relaxation experience, featuring nature videos, guided meditation, and mindfulness, along with healthy living and self-improvement content. During their session, users may also enjoy custom scent options, a cooling fan, a heated seat, and a heart rate monitor to track their relaxation.

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