Getting Started with TRX Training

Posted by Jon Zbacnik on July 31, 2018

With the arrival of all the new free weight equipment, you may have noticed the yellow straps hanging between the new power racks and wondered what they are. These are TRX Suspension Trainers, which use your body weight and gravity to perform numerous exercises. TRX training can be done by most people, as it easy to change the difficulty by changing the position of your body while doing the exercise.

The many benefits of training with a TRX include: 

  • Increasing core strength and stability
  • Building lean muscle
  • Improving mobility and flexibility
  • Increasing functional strength
  • Improving balance
  • Improving time efficiency

In an 8-week TRX training study*, it was shown that by training with a TRX you can decrease body fat, waist circumference and resting blood pressure. The study also showed an increase in muscular strength and endurance. 

The following are some example beginner exercises for the TRX:

TRX Chest Press

TRX Chest PressAdjust straps to full length. In a push up position, brace your core while bending your elbows until you get to the bottom of the push-up. Then, push yourself back up to the start position while maintaining a straight line from ankle, knee, hip, to shoulder. 



TRX Row 


Adjust straps to short length. Hold on to TRX handles and lean back while bracing your core to maintain a straight line from ankle to shoulder. Pull back and together with shoulder blades while pulling hands to the side of your rib cage. Lower your body back with control to the start. 



TRX Lunge 

TRX Lunge

Adjust straps to medium length. Put one foot in handle and push your hips down and back while keeping your weight on the heel of your front leg. Push up to the start position and repeat on the other leg. 




TRX Squat 

TRX Squat
Adjust straps to medium length. In a

squat position (feet hip distance apart, toes slightly out) hold on to the straps with bent elbows and lower to the bottom of your squat. Drive up through your heels to get back to the start position.



TRX Bicep Curl 

TRX Bicep Curl

Adjust straps to short length. Facing TRX, hold on to handles and lean back while keeping a straight line from head to feet. While keeping shoulders pulled down and back, keep arms straight in front of you, palms up. While maintaining this position, bend at the elbow and pull hands toward your forehead. Lower back to beginning with control. 


TRX Triceps Press 

TRX Tricep Press

Adjust straps to short length. Facing away from TRX, hold on to handles with arms in same position as bicep curl, except with palms down. Lower your body down keeping elbows in the same position, bringing hands toward your forehead. Push yourself back up to get back to the start. 



TRX Hamstring Curl 

TRX Hamstring Curl

Adjust straps to full length. Laying on ground with feet underneath TRX straps, place both feet into straps under handles. Lift hips off ground while bracing core. Pull feet in toward your body and lower back to beginning with control. 




TRX Plank 

TRX Plank

Adjust straps to full length. Place feet in straps under TRX handles and place hands in a push up position on the floor. Keep your core braced and maintain alignment from head to feet. Lower down to the ground when done. 




These are a small sample of the many exercises that can be done using the TRX. Many people are able to use the TRX on their own after being shown how to do it properly. As with all exercises, if you have any medical conditions you may need to see a medical professional before you begin. If you would like to see how to use the TRX, please contact one of our personal trainers who can set up a session with you and teach you how. 


 *Investigating the Acute and Chronic Health Benefits of TRX Suspension Training, Leslie E. Smith, Joanna Snow, Jennifer S. Fargo, Christina A. Buchanan, Ph.D., and Lance C. Dalleck, Ph.D., with Daniel J. Green 

Jon Zbacnik

Jon Zbacnik

Jon Zbacnik ACE Certified Personal Trainer has a degree in Health and Exercise Science from Concordia College. He enjoys spending time with his wife, exercising, doing outdoor activities such as rock climbing and hunting, and playing all sports - especially pick-up basketball at the RAC!

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