Keep Fitness Simple

Posted by Chris Zink on January 28, 2022

When thinking about entering into a new workout program or simply trying to be more active, hitting the internet for the best workout practices can end up being a daunting task. The world of fitness information is bloated with “do’s” and “don'ts” and phrases containing words like “always” and “never”. A great way to approach fitness is to keep it simple and to remember that fitness is not “one size fits all”. Fitness can be approached in many different ways to achieve positive outcomes that are meaningful for you.

Here are three different ways to keep it simple when developing your exercise plan:

1. Find what you love

This will assist you in reaching your goals because it will help you be more consistent and stay committed over time. If fast paced interval training is what drives you, stick with interval based training routines. If you enjoy focusing on caloric burn, adhere to workout routines that will allow for that.

Doing some exercises or routines that you do not like is not a bad thing. However, when you are doing the things that keep your mind engaged your endorphin release will be greater, your experience richer, and you will stick with your workouts long enough to enjoy the results.

2. Understand that the body is simple

The human body will change as you challenge it with new stimuli. Putting your body through routines that it is not used to will result in changes that can be seen and felt relatively quickly. Strength gains can be made through even just minimal effort.

It all depends on your goals. Routines can absolutely be made more specific if someone has more concrete, defined goals. However, simply keeping the body challenged through basic movements can result in significant strength gains and positive changes in physical appearance.

3. Listen to your body

The human body has many ways in which it talks to us. It tells us to slow down, speed up, sleep, workout, not workout, eat, drink water, etc. Unfortunately, with life moving as fast as it does, the signs that our body is giving us to slow down or speed up can be overlooked and go unnoticed.

From time to time the human body will tell you something is wrong by slowing you down. Feeling sluggish or tired is a sign that a break is needed in your workout routine. Taking time off will allow your body the necessary time to recover and may even result in strength and performance gains.

Although you may not realize it, movement is also what your body asks for each day. Keeping it simple and doing some type of physical activity every day is important. It is not hard to see that the results of moving will be better than doing nothing.

In Conclusion

By considering these three ways to keep fitness simple, hopefully your exercise experience will become more balanced and relaxed. Following these concepts can help you attain a healthy, realistic approach to your fitness lifestyle. Everyone at some point has experienced burnout in one way or another. I believe less physical and mental burnout will occur if you operate under these guidelines.

One of the most challenging aspects of living a healthy lifestyle is finding ways to stay consistent. Trying these tips can help to get you moving forward and help you to maintain that forward momentum. By keeping it simple you can bypass some of the information overload and focus on what works for you!

Chris Zink

Chris Zink

Chris is originally from Austin, and now lives in Rochester. Throughout high school and college he participated in football and tennis. In his spare time he enjoys woodworking and any type of building/construction projects. Time spent outside doing fun activities with his wife and two boys is the highlight of his day!

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