Never Miss a Workout While Traveling Again

Posted by Josh Lewis on August 29, 2019

Are you ever on road for travel or vacation and either miss the feeling of your workouts or feel guilty about not being able to get to them?

Or, perhaps something came up during your day and you don’t have enough time to make it into the gym for your workout?

I have good news for you, now you don’t have to! I’m going to outline a simple workout that can be easily done in a hotel room or almost anywhere. It will allow you to keep working out until you can make it back to the gym for a regular session. This workout can also be a great supplement to your current workout routine and can be added in on your off days as it won’t cause much muscular damage and will keep your muscles working.

All you will need is your own body and at least one resistance band (having more than one will give you more variety for difficulty). Resistance bands are a great option for on the go workouts because of the little amount of space they take up, allowing them to easily be packed in a suitcase. They also allow for the ability to quickly change the difficulty of resistance by stretching them further and adding tension. If you don’t already have them, bands are inexpensive and can be purchased at a sporting goods store or online.

This is a quick, roughly 15 minute, full body workout that can be done daily in order to keep your muscles stimulated.

For these exercises you will need to hook the band around something sturdy and secure that is about chest to waist height. For example, a railing or possibly a door handle. Some resistance bands also come with an additional piece that can be put in a door frame to provide a solid anchor for your band.

The workout is designed to be done using super-sets, meaning that you will switch off between two exercises with no rest between the two. Perform 3 sets of the two exercises and then move on to the next two exercises.

NOTE:  This workout will not “get you shredded” or “melt the fat”. Instead it is intended to keep your body maintained while you are away from the gym. It will help to keep you progressing the next time you make it back into the gym, where your foundational workouts occur.

Superset 1:

1A:  Band Rows  3x12 reps

JL Band Rows StartJL Band Rows End


1B:  Body Squat  3x12 reps

JL Body Squat StartJL Body Squat End


Superset 2:

2A:  Band Chest Press  3x12 reps

JL Band Chest Press StartJL Band Chest Press End


2B:  Band Side Twist  3x12 reps each side

JL Side Twist StartJL Side Twist End


Superset 3:

3A:  Band Pull Apart  3x12 reps

JL Band Pull Apart StartJL Band Pull Apart End


3B:  Band Bent Over Triceps Kickback  3x12 reps

JS Band Bent Over Triceps Kickback StartJL Band Bent Over Triceps Kickback End


Superset 4:

4A:  Band Lateral Raise  3x12 reps

JL Deltoid StartJL Deltoid End


4B:  Band Bicep Curl  3x12 reps

JL Band Bicep Curl StartJL Band Bicep Curl End


Superset 5:

5A:  Bridge  3x12 reps

JL Bridge StartJL Bridge End


5B:  Plank  3x20-30 seconds

JL Plank 2

Josh Lewis

Josh Lewis

Personal Trainer Josh Lewis M.Ed., NSCA CSCS has a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from UW-Eau Claire and a Master’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Minnesota. When he’s not at the gym he enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, hunting and watching sports with family and friends. Josh’s love for being active, along with the enjoyment he receives from helping people reach their goals, is what led him to become a Personal Trainer.

Contact Josh Lewis at (507) 287-9335 ext. 351.

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