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The Signs of Overtraining

Throughout the years of training clients, as well as training my own body, one of the main road blocks I have continued to run into is this:

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Inclement Weather Reminders

With the arrival of the winter season there also comes the possibility of inclement weather. For the safety of our members and staff we at times may...

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So, I’m at the Gym, Now What?

You’ve mustered up the time and confidence to go to the RAC. You’ve put on your gym shoes and you’re ready to invest in a healthier you. You make it...

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What is Deep Tissue Massage?

There are many different types of massage. One type you may have heard of, but not understood, is deep tissue massage. With deep tissue massage the...

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Fascia and Pain

You may come across the words fascia or myofascia when reading about muscles, stretching, exercises, or physical problems people experience in their...

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